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We offer real estate development services spanning from constructing building units to developing whole communities. We orchestrate the process of property development from start to finish with a vision of excellence and a meticulous attention to detail. We have the capacity to undertake residential, commercial, industrial developments and everything in between.

We specialize in remodelling, renovating and restructuring commercial, residential and mixed-use buildings. We offer a range of remodelling services such as building extension, space conversion and building modernization.

We provide quality infrastructure services such as the design and construction of luxury buildings, apartment buildings, office complexes, commercial-use buildings, gated communities, drainages and roads. We work with both public and private sector organizations to design and build infrastructural assets. With our team possessing a blend of knowledge and expertise in design, building, construction and technology, we offer a unique take on all our infrastructural projects.

We have built a reputation for offering valuable investment services on real estate opportunities in Africa. Risk management is also an integral part of the Investment arm of Dantata 1SQm as we ensure that our investment team is transparent with risks involved in each investment and can offer our clients knowledgeable advice on such risks.

At Dantata 1SQm, we understand that the sustainability of every facility depends on the quality of its maintenance. This is why we provide a range of facility management services for commercial, residential and mixed use facilities. Our services include asset management and leasing, grounds management, horticulture and landscaping, waste disposal, road and access control, and general & specialized property maintenance.

Our Consultancy team offers expert real estate-focused consultancy services which cover all aspects of the real estate value chain and provides our client with the required creative solutions for the success of their projects. From pre-planning to implementation, our consultants are on hand to work with all contact-persons on every project to deliver the most quality, cost-efficient and profitable best results possible.